Meet On 5 Wheels

my first adult trike, after I added the "luxuries"

my first adult trike, after I added the “luxuries”

OK, I admit it, I ride an “adult tricycle”. And I ride it by choice!

I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of hopping onto a bicycle after many (many!) years of not riding, so I went for the more “granny-ish” option, thinking I’d graduate to two wheels once I got back into the habit of riding. Surprise! I found myself to be an enthusiastic fan of the trike. Here are a few of the reasons why:

– I can ride to the grocery store and haul more home in that big back basket than I could ever carry on two wheels.

– When I have to stop for traffic I don’t need to hop off the seat and lean on one leg until I can get moving again. I rest comfortably with just one foot on the brake.

– I don’t have to ride fast and I don’t have to ride hard. I can just ride for pleasure and “smell the roses” along the way.

– I meet people as I’m riding and they often ask about the trike. It’s unusual – I wouldn’t get that kind of interaction on a bike.

This blog is all about encounters and adventures I’ve had while riding. Often I ride with a friend I call Biker Buddy, who’s a MUCH better rider than I am. He’s only on 2 wheels though, poor fellow, but with my 3 that puts us On 5 Wheels.

The list of posts is on your right. I hope you enjoy reading these stories and maybe you’ll be inspired to become a Trike Vixen, too …



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