It’s all in how you look at it…

There is some debate among my friends and family as to whether I attract odd things to me, or if normal things happen and I just interpret them oddly. Here are a couple of examples – you decide…

Odd event 1:

I got my Federal Income Tax refund check. It was for $672.00. I took it to an ATM. The bank was open, but busy, and I wasn’t looking to get any cash, just to deposit the check, so the ATM seemed easier. A note came up on the screen, informing me that $200 of my deposit was available right then, but access to the rest would be delayed 24 hours.

See, I thought that was odd. How much more secure could a deposit be? It’s a Federal Income Tax refund check! My checking account contained more than double the amount of the check, and my savings account had far more than that, but the bank wasn’t accepting responsibility for more than $200 of a check issued by the IRS. Does the IRS frequently bounce checks?

By the way, I saw a meme that said:

Now that’s funny!


Odd event 2:

One morning my alarm went off at what I consider an idiotic time of day to be getting up. It goes off at the same time every work day, but it’s still an idiotic time of day to be getting up. On this particular morning I hit the snooze button. The alarm went off again 5 minutes later. I hit snooze again. I rolled over and thought about how I really should get up the next time the alarm rang. I started listing in my head all the “stuff” I had to do before I could even begin my commute. Just then a police car, fire truck, and ambulance went by on the big street two blocks from where I live. My windows were open, so I heard the sirens quite clearly. They were loud! And they screamed past one after the other, not all at once. Dragged on and on. I tried to bury my head in the pillows, but as soon as the last siren began to fade – the alarm went off. I laughed for a minute before turning it off and getting up. Sleepy time was blatantly over!


Several people I’ve told that second story to have been surprised that I laughed. They said they would have been mad to have been so loudly awakened – especially so early! My opinion is that “mad” was an option, but laughter was a better way to start the day.

That’s kind of my policy for life in general. If you run into a difficult situation and you can find a way to laugh at it, you win. Every time.

Try it. Let me know how it goes.

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